Who We Are

Providing business solutions since 2012

Cybeinc was founded in 2012 by visionary entrepreneur, Tanveer Yusuf.

What he started off as a small e-commerce solutions company, has now grown into a parent company with 4 brands under its name – Three60, Baselyne, AW Productions & Tezi Say.

We are full service which means we’ve got you covered on design and content right through to digital.

Design, website development, community management, corporate videography, and logistics support are a few and mere microscopic labels for the services we provide.

Alongside our clients we evaluate their business’s need and provide them with custom-made technological tools to help their business reach its potential.

With a well-equipped, hardworking team and a passion of giving our clients unmatched business solutions we ensure that Cybeinc will help your business grow in the current digital era.


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About the Founder

Tanveer Yusuf is a serial entrepreneur and a technology enthusiast. He aspires to bring new ideas and innovations into the e-commerce sector to simplify business processes. He Launched Cybeinc to help businesses overcome their technological challenges and achieve their goals through efficient, industry-focused technological solutions.

Having started his career as the founder of a popular pizza chain in Pakistan, Tanveer was instantly fascinated when he was first exposed to the digital world back in 2008. He since has become the man behind many successful brands.

Message from the Founder

“Being the founder of Cybeinc allowed me a unique opportunity. It allowed me to dream and to create a vision for what I think a company should look like and how it should operate without any history, baggage or constraints. I was able to establish the values that have personal meaning to me and set out upon that course.

I started Cybeinc with the idea of streamlining businesses using technology. Soon, standing in the middle of the digital era, I saw extensive opportunities ahead of me in the digital world.. and that’s when the domino effect started. Catching one train of opportunity after another. I am excited about what the future holds and what I bring to the world through it.“