About Us

About Us

Cybeinc is your entry to a world of modern and innovative SAAS based products that simplify management and help you take your business to the next level.

Whether you’re running a restaurant, a retail outlet, a beauty salon, or even a car wash we can put together a customized management solution for you that is affordable and beneficial for your business.

With tremendous experience in software and e-commerce, our team of experts have developed and designed a complete Point of Sale and business management solutions, that keep track of everything that goes on inside your business so you can concentrate on the more important things.

Be it calculating and reducing food costs, analyzing and controlling inventory levels, obtaining valuable feedback, monitoring sales trends, or collecting and managing data, our software covers it all.

Most of our products are available for a low month-to-month subscription fee which make them both practical and affordable. Installation is quick and easy and all products work with desktop computers, iPads, and smartphones, giving you ultimate flexibility and the convenience of mobility. We ensure all data is encrypted and in the case of any problems or issues with any of our products, we offer immediate customer support via training videos, telephone or email.

Overall, combined with strong analytics, Cybeinc is the one platform where you’ll find a management solution for all the different kinds of businesses. Along with offering a number of SAAS based solutions for your business, we also specialize in designing and developing in web-based softwares, e-commerce websites, custom software development, logo designing, branding, and we offer digital marketing services.

Our mission is simple. We aim to optimize your operations so you can stay at the leading edge of your business field.