A Price Calculator Software for your business | GoCalc


A Price Calculator software for your business

Know Your Food Cost and Save alot

A Price calculator for your business to campare your standard cost with actual cost and determine what you actually paid for the food vs. what you should have paid for it. This way you can identify how much cost effictively a product has been produced, Estimate and calculate cost with GoCalc.


Computing software for a business

Analyze customer demand by this computing software & get all the cost and profit margins that will create a profitable menu design. By determining the true cost of a recipe you'll be able to develop for successful marketing campaigns that bring in more customers to your business.


Suggested Ordering that simplifies Management

Ease the ordering process at the store-level with a system-suggested ordering feature which is based on inventory levels, past consumption patterns, and sales forecasts.


Demand-based Production that Reduces Cost

Determine your production schedule based on detailed sale reports and historical consumption patterns and cut down the cost that come with over-production.


Detailed Reports that Minimize Loss Prevention

Monitor high cost ingredients, and track user-specific activities through regular detailed reports and reduce any dishonest behavior.


Detailed Reports that keep you Consistent with Quality Standards

Create recipes and determine the amount of product you need to prepare each recipe, so you can stay consistent with quality.


Make Smarter Decisions and Skyrocket your Profits

Spend less time messing with numbers and more time to analyze important data that help you make smarter decisions to boost profits.

Simply Food Costing with GoCalc

  • Monitor historical food cost and develop forecasts for future production.
  • Identify fraudulent activities through tracking and alerts.
  • Compare food cost between locations at the item level.
  • Re-price or re-plate items on the menu based on food cost data.
  • Meet customer demand by monitoring sale patterns.

Our Solutions

We understand that every business is different so instead of doing one-fit solutions for all, Cybeinc offers tailored solutions that are professional and practical at the same time.