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Learn how to lower your food cost by determining the variance between your standard vs. actual costs.

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Did you know you could be adding a huge chunk of revenue to your bottom line every month by simply measuring and controlling your food costs? GoCalc is a strong back-office solution that calculates the variance between your standard vs. actual costs to lower food cost and increase profits.


Minimizes Food Wastage

GoCalc determines the difference between the standard cost and the actual cost in units, percentage and/or rupees via a daily variance report. This tells you exactly how much food was wasted, thrown away, burnt, or stolen so you can take immediate actions to improve performance.

Provides Transparency

GoCalc is beneficial in that it gives the owner a lot more transparency. The system generates a detailed report at the end of the last shift every day which is then emailed directly to the owner.

Maintains Quality Standards

GoCalc figures out your recipe cost, using labor and material expenses which ensures that you have priced each item on your menu accurately. The system allows you to create recipes and determine the amount of product you need to prepare each recipe, so you can stay consistent with quality.

Lowers Costs to Increase Profits

With uCalculus, you can identify how much food is being wasted each day, and take immediate action to control costs. The system reduces costs by eliminating product overstocking and shortages. It does this by predicting the appropriate food production for any particular day, based on historical sales and consumption patterns. Besides this, GoCalc also plays a fair role in identifying theft or dishonest behavior. The system keeps a note of the ingredients used each day and unnecessary system voids ensuring costs are controlled.

The Requirements

To implement GoCalc all you need is our highly effective POS system, RizzApps and our complete inventory management system, KnoStock.



With GoCalc, you get rid of the guess work in determining your food costs. You spend less time messing with numbers and more time to analyze important data that help you make smarter decisions to boost profits.





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