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Track, control and manage inventory and keep your business organized.

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Believe it or not, mismanaged inventory can really shatter a business bottom line. If you are not monitoring your inventory effectively, you are just setting yourself up for potential loses. KnoStock, is a complete inventory management system, that is designed to simplify tracking and managing stock so you can improve efficiencies to boost your profits.


Saves Time.

KnoStock saves you both time and energy. It eliminates hours and hours of counting and tracking inventory through excel sheets and it reduces the chances of error. The system also improves productivity. It gets rid of a lot of the time consuming manual processes so that your employees can put their energy towards the more important tasks.

Eases the Transfer stock between Locations

KnoStock lets you track and transfer stock between multiple locations with ease. Everything that you transfer is recorded in the system so you know how much stock is available at each location and there are no confusions later.

Simplifies Warehouse Management

KnoStock is great in that it leads to a much more organized warehouse. You can use the system to arrange your warehouse by putting popular items together in easily accessible areas or you can organize in any other way that is most convenient for you. This makes management easy for you and it speeds up the whole order fulfillment process.

Maintains Optimal Stock Levels

Cut out excessive ordering, avoid “out of stock” situations and maintain the required level of inventory for your business with KnoStock. The system keeps you notified of the stock you have on hand and what products need restocking, making it highly unlikely for you to over or understock. The system also has the capability to predict your future capacity requirements to so your business can grow and you can continue to meet your customer needs effectively.

Increases Profits

Managing your inventory efficiently using KnoStock can potentially increase your profits. The system will allow you to meet customer demand quickly and effectively, it will also help you keep the right products in hand which will keep your customers coming back for more.


The Requirements

The only thing you need to get KnoStock working is our highly productive POS system, RizzApps.



Skip the confusion, eliminate the paperwork and manage stock effectively with KnoStock. This easy-to-use software keeps optimizes inventory management to potentially boost your profits and leave you more time for your staff and customers.





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