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Modernize your business by taking orders off your website, Facebook page or mobile app.

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Good food, low prices, and excellent customer service are no longer enough to be successful in the food industry. With the increasing demand for technological innovation and customers looking for convenient ways to place orders, Online Order helps a business modernize and stay relevant by creating a digital presence of the business in a minimum of 24 hours.

Online Order opens up three new doors that essentially help you increase your revenue. With Online Order you can generate profit off your website by turning those website visits into orders. You can making money off your Facebook page by uploading tempting pictures of your food and taking orders right away and you can also increase your bottom line by allowing customers to place orders from anywhere at any time via a mobile app.


Integrated Payment Processing System - Opay

With an effective online ordering system comes the need of a reliable payment processing system. While it can take up to a year to set up a payment processing system for a particular website, Online Order is exceptional in that it already comes with an integrated payment processing system, Opay that accepts online payments with ease.

Reliable Cloud Server

You can stay connected to Online Order at all times via cloud. We have three different servers of Cloud that located in different parts of America so there are minimal chances of our system ever being down. In the unfortunate case, of any issues or problems with our system, we do provide customer service around the clock.


Creates a Customer Database

Online Order gathers and stores useful customer data which can be used as a marketing tool. You can use the customer information to make new customers and retain old ones by sending them promotions via newsletters, automated emails, text messages etc.

Simplifies Management Processes

Making quick changes to your menu, add/remove items, and introduce discounts is easily with Online Order. The software let you customize delivery times and delivery zones. It also allows you to specify delivery charges so you do not lose money on small orders.

Provides Ultimate Convenience

Online Order makes it very easy for customers to place orders. The system enables customers to browse through entire menus and promotions and place orders within a few minutes. It also let them specify exactly what they want leaving no room for confusion or mistakes. This enhances customer experience and keeps them coming back for more.

Besides offering a number of benefits to the customer, Online Order is also provides convenience for businesses. The system notifies you every time an order is placed via emails and sms alerts so you can review, confirm and process orders right away. It completely eliminates the chances of you missing an order. The software is highly flexible in that it let you take orders according to your kitchen capacity. With Online Order, you have the ability to suspend or slow down order taking when the restaurant is overburdened.

Cuts down Costs

Taking orders electronically through Online Order means that the call center will have less phone orders to handle and you will have less representatives to pay. This will essentially reduce costs.



Today, people buy just about everything online - be it clothing, housewares, gadgets, toys or books. So why not let them buy food too? Online ordering provides an ultimate level of ease for both the consumer and the business by allowing customers to place orders directly from a website, Facebook page of mobile app and enabling businesses to process those orders instantly. Businesses that do not have a website need not to worry. Just get in touch with one of our experts and we will create a basic website for your business and get you started right away.





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