Online order simplifies your business | OnlineOrder


Simple to use Online order system to start taking Online orders from your website, Facebook page, and mobile app.


What is OnlineOrder?

Online Order is a widget that allows businesses to take orders right off a website or mobile app.


Get started in 24 Hours


Quick Integration

Online order can be integrated into most POS system within 24 hours.


Custom Solutions

We know every business is unique so we customize solutions to do what you want it to do.


No Upfront

We believe in providing businesses with cost-effective solutions which is why we don't have an upfront costs to worry about.


Reliable Cloud Server

Our reliable Cloud Server keeps you connected to Online Order at all times.


Take control of your own
Online Ordering System

Online order has the ability to suit various types of businesses, no matter how big or small.


With OnlineOrder your customers can:

Browse-menu-Logo Browse-Menu-Logo2

Browse the menu in real-time

Mobile/tablet-logo Mobile/tablet-logo2

Place orders via Desktop/Laptop, Mobile Phone or iPad/tablet

Schedule-logo Schedule-logo2

Schedule an order for later

Feedback-logo Feedback-logo2

Share their food preferences with you instantly


Why is Online Order important for your customers?

According to a recent study, less than 40% of the participants say that they have felt they will have time to cook in the future, the other 60% say that they will not. In a society where convenience is given ultimate importance, the ability to offer online ordering is critical for attracting and retaining customers.

Website Ordering

Let your customers place their order directly from your website, instead of sending them to a third party website that not only charges a high commission rates, but also has you listed with your competitors.


Online Order Dashboard

Streamline operations, and receive orders instantly on your Online Order dashboard. Process orders, print reports, view your highest-spending customers, and set your menu right from your management portal.


Never Miss an
Order Again

The system notifies you every time an order is placed via emails and SMS alerts so you can review, confirm and process orders right away.


Build your Menu and make Quick Changes with Ease

Set-up your menu and make changes in real-time. With Online Order, you can set up discounts/promotions and activate or deactivate seasonal items with ease.


Delivery Areas

Use the system to create and customize delivery zones and set delivery charges accordingly.


Take Orders according to your Kitchen Capacity

Start taking orders according to your kitchen capacity. With Online Order, you have the ability to suspend or slow down order taking when the restaurant is overburdened.

Our Solutions

We understand that every business is different so instead of doing one-fit solutions for all, Cybeinc offers tailored solutions that are professional and practical at the same time.