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Accept payments for items available on your website through a reliable and secure payment system.

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No matter how amazing your e-commerce store looks or functions, it success depends on how well your products are being sold to the customer. And to sell those products, you need an effective payment processing system. Opay is a reliable online payment processing system that allows businesses to accept and organize payments for goods or services offered on their website, giving both the customer and the business great convenience.


Simple Integration

OPay integrates with all major commerce platforms using XML APIs. While it can usually take up to 8 months to get a reliable payment processing system set up for your website, Opay can be integrated on to your website within 48 hours.

Low Cost

Opay is a highly cost-effective solution to accepting payments online. Our pricing model is suitable for small businesses as well as large ones, and unlike our competitors we do not have any binding contracts or hidden fees.

Exceptional Customer Service

We have a dedicated team that works around the clock to ensure the system is running smooth at all times. In the case that there are any problems or issues with our service, we do offer instant customer support.


Accepts Multiple Payment Types

OPay gives customers the convenience of making payments via Visa, MasterCard, Keenu, Telenor Easy Paisa, Jazz Cash and Finja. The system also supports multi-currency payments which is suitable for businesses that want to expand globally.

Provides Ultimate Convenience

Opay makes the whole buying/selling process faster and hassle-free. Customers can purchase products and make payments while sitting at home or at the office. The system provides instant notification of the transaction so the customer remains assured of the purchase.

Processes Payments Instantly

With Opay, businesses enjoy real time payment processing with an average response time of less than 2 seconds, regardless of the volume of their customers.

Offers Merchant Security

Processing payments with OPay is more secure and credible any other method. When a customer makes a payment online, the payment method is authorized and the money is placed in the business account immediately. This significantly eliminates any financial risk associated with the payment.



These days, running a successful business means providing convenience and usefulness to consumers. There are a number of benefits of Opay, but really it is a sense of trust that it develops among the customers that is most important. The system really eases the entire buying/selling process, and the best part is that each party involved in the transaction gets its share without any hassle.





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