Get Vouchers, Coupons and Discounts for your customers | Rewards+


Engage your Customers with Vouchers, Coupons and Discounts so they keep coming back

What Is Rewards+?

The Rewards+ is a Loyality program for customers engagment that allows to measure the customer satisfaction and analyze the business improving opportunities that can help to grow with the business needs.


A Loyalty Program that grows your business


Boost your Bottom Line

Retain more customers and drive more sales

Run Targeted Marketing Campaigns

Promote your deals/offers through Targeted Marketing Campaigns via email and sms.


Run Targeted Marketing Campaigns

Promote your deals/offers through Targeted Marketing Campaigns via email and sms.


Promote Your Brand

Increase brand visibility and pull in more traffic to make more profit.


Learn about your Customers

Get hold of critical information including the customer's name, number, email address, physical address, the number of times a customer has visited etc. The system not only tracks your active customers but also lists your inactive customers so you can recapture them through personal messagings or emails.


Customize Rewards and set your Own Rules

Reward your loyal customers by offering discounts vouchers, cash back and rewards. Set rewards for birthdays, sending tiers, repeat visits - the options are endless and the choice is yours.


Get to Know your Customer through Detailed Reports.

Get customer transaction reports. Filter them by item, location, bill size and more, enabling you to make informed decisions about the types of campaigns you run and your relevant target market.


Run Referral / Affiliate Programs that Work.

Encourage existing customers to bring in more customers and promote your business.


Our Solutions

We understand that every business is different so instead of doing one-fit solutions for all, Cybeinc offers tailored solutions that are professional and practical at the same time.