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Best Restaurant Software to accelerate your business

Best Restaurant Software to streamline operations and increase revenue, easy-to-use platform for a user.

What Is RizzApps?

A fully customizable POS system that processes daily transactions, streamlines operations and simplifies management.


Get Full Control Over your Business with our RizzApps

We provide the right tools for you to easily manage your Restaurant or store from inventory management to business analytics-RizzApp does it all.

Enjoy Customized Features made just for your Restaurant

While some companies force customers to use preset features, RizzApps lets you create your own POS system that's within your budget.

Keeping your Business Running Smoothly is what we do best.


Flexible Software

RizzApps is engineered to handle all the different types of environments.


Scalable Solution

Whether you’re running a single restaurant, or a nationwide chain, RizzApps can handle on your needs.


Easy Installation

Installation is simple and our experts provide support around the clock.

RizzApps Features

Save Time on Restaurant Operations

The all-in-one system streamlines operations and saves your time on back office tasks to promote efficiency within your Restaurant.

Minimize Chances of Mistakes

RizzApps speed up the whole checkout process and eases communications between the kitchen staff and the wait staff. Orders go through the computer, directly to the kitchen printer so there are less chances of confussion and human errors.

Make Quick Changes to the Menu

Managers can make quick chnages to the menu, add/remove promotions and can also give out exclusive discounts.


Grow with RizzApps powerful Reporting Tools

With RizzApps, you can split up sales data to find out what sells best at what time, what promotions are working best etc. You can track even sales, costs & profits by individual food items, salesperson or date to enjoy better control over your business.

Make Informed Business Decisions

Take the guesswork out of making business decisions and use real-time metrics to make future forecast. Generate all the reports you need to stay on top-product report, area report, X-report, customer report and category report etc.

Boost Your Sales

Acquire more customers, increase the bill size and get real-time information on opportunities for profit growth.

Our Solutions

We understand that every business is different so instead of doing one-fit solutions for all, Cybeinc offers tailored solutions that are professional and practical at the same time.