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Simplifiy management to increase profits through a reliable POS system

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Long gone are those days when you had to rely on traditional cash registers to run your entire business. With a number of complexities that businesses face today, a reliable and effective POS system like RizzApps has become a real necessity.

Known as a lifeline for all business operations, RizzApps can be defined as the one system that keeps your business at your fingertips by allowing you to manage single or multiple outlets from anywhere in the world using any electronic device. The best part is that we ensure all data is encrypted and can only be accessed by an authorized personnel.


Our software experts at Cybeinc know that every business has different needs and requirements so they came up with three different versions of RizzApps to choose from.

The Over-The-Counter version is perfect for retail outlets and food courts restaurants. With this model, customers place an order order at the counter, make the required payment and the transaction is closed right away. Later, if the customer decides to buy something else, another transaction is made.

A Dine-In version is used for dine-in restaurants. With this version, customers walk into a restaurant, occupy a table and place an order. Everything they order is placed on one bill and the transaction generally closes when the customer is ready to leave. This version is essential in that it calculates the exact time each table at your restaurant is occupied. This information can be very helpful when you are future planning.

The Skip-the-Talk version is highly innovative and it is the modern way to run a business. With this version, there is a unique QR code placed on every table at a restaurant and customers simply scan the code to view your menu and place an order. This model really simplifies the order taking process.


Simplifies Operations

It’s a given fact that no one wants to stand in long lines anymore and RizzApps really simplifies and speeds up the whole checkout process. It also eases communications between the kitchen and the wait staff. Orders go through the computer, directly to the kitchen printer so there are less chances of confusion and human error. RizzApps is also beneficial in that it allows managers to make quick changes to the menu, add/remove promotions and also give out exclusive discounts.

Presents Critical Analysis

RizzApps is exceptional in that it has the ability to split up sales data in different ways to determine what products are selling best at what time, how many people are dining in, what promotions are working best and so much more. You can track sales, costs, and profits by individual inventory items, by salesperson, or by category for the day, month and year to date and you can even check sales for each hour of the day or for any time period. The reporting capabilities of RizzApps are outstanding. The software generates numerous reports including a product report, area report, X-report, customer report and category report etc, giving you better control of your business.

Provides Flexibility, Transparency and Visibility

While some of our competitors force customers to pay for preset features that aren’t necessarily for you, RizzApps lets you create your own POS system that’s within your budget. By having the capability to access their business from anywhere at anytime, business owners enjoy visibility and transparency like never before. With RizzApps, owners no longer have to rely on managers to run a business.

Boosts Profits

We assure you that by implementing RizzApps at your retail store or restaurant you can increase your revenue. The system is very easy to use and it reduces the wait time for a customer which can essentially drive more sales. RizzApps also minimizes pricing errors, reduces shrinkage, and provides instant detailed reports that tell you exactly where you are making or losing money so you can make the appropriate adjustments that can increase your bottom line.


All you need to run RizzApps is a reliable internet connection.



Designed with a whole list of features, RizzApps not only takes care of the basic day to day transactions but goes much beyond. According to the latest research, businesses that implement POS systems like RizzApps typically see a 6% growth. The simple approach, ease of use and rock-solid reliability of the system gives the owner more transparency and visibility and it allows owners to manage multiple outlets with ease.





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